Clarence Thomas, executive board member of CBTU Northern California and executive board member of ILWU Local 10, read Danny Glover’s greetings to the CBTU convention. Thomas and Glover were students together at San Francisco State University. Glover’s statement said, in part, “A climate of fear has been generated from certain right-wing and reactionary forces. … [T]hese attacks are not about me – these attacks are on the first amendment and on our constitutional rights and therefore the attacks are on all of us. One of the reasons that I have resisted these attacks is because I am doing so for all of those people who don’t have high profile name recognition, who can’t afford a lawyer, and who don’t have money to hire a publicist. We cannot allow ourselves to be silenced!”

The convention passed a strong resolution supporting Danny Glover against attempts by right-wing activists to have him fired from MCI’s advertising because of his opposition to the war against Iraq.