“If you tell a lie enough times, it becomes truth.”
To start with, I live in the great state of Louisiana, the pelican state.
If you do not know where Louisiana is, its’ down south, land of the blues.
Enough said.

I awoke the morning much like many other Americans,
had my coffee and assumed the ranks of the unemployed.

You know, if you do the same things, you  will get the same result…
Freedom at the ballot, means choice. Since both parties are different sides of the same
coin, not much will ever change.

Oh, just a little about myself.
I am married and have a dog named Buddy.
I did not have a six figure income, and probably never will and
I do not own a yacht. However if it does prove a tax advantage, I am sure that I can
come up with a tub and 2X4 and probably get one together.
I guess I need to check the tax code on “yachts” first.
Oh well enough about me.

Did I mention that I am unemployed?
Lets see here, telling a lie enough times it becomes truth.
With the right media it is still a variation of the same… old… song.
Most Americans are unaware that there are choices out there, its’ just that it was not mentioned.
Look at other countries and not the ones that we control.

Oh well enough said again.
Maybe I will start a yacht company, offer jobs to the unemployed,
and most important, find special tax considerations for myself.

Till next time,