Concerns for Cuba

I am a regular reader of the PWW and noted your concerns about the growing aggressive stance of the Bush Regime in its relationship with Cuba. I want to ask your help in moving your readers towards a plan of action should an outright attack occur, or should local subversion receive increased support in counter-revolutionary activities. I feel strongly we cannot wait much longer as this Administration clearly has the defeat of the Cuban Revolution as one of its primary goals.

I am equally worried for the safety of the Cuban Five being held across the U.S. Here in California the treatment of Rodrigo Hernandez is nothing short of barbaric, and again, we must prepare a strategy to help them and bring their situation to public attention. Your articles in the PWW have done much, but we need to involve both national and international organizations in the effort.

Dave Dixon

San Clemente CA

Where’s the debate?

What’s always concerned me is the lack of debate in the Letters to Editor. It appears as a fear of criticism. Nothing is more boring and unconstructive than having all the letters agree with the paper. I look to the Letters to be stimulating, instructive, informative and democratic, allowing anyone the right to agree or disagree with anything relevant to the paper. I also find it informative and more personal when the “Editor” actually responds to certain questions that beg an answer, rather than leaving it hang. This actually attracts readers.

I am always hesitant to complain about anything about this newspaper, knowing the dedication and sacrifice of its workers, for very little pay. The paper is far superior than other journals on many issues, I only wish it could be circulated more widely.

Bill Meyer

Detroit MI

Editor’s note: We agree and hope this letter helps stimulate some working-class debate. Send letters to the editor toor 3339 S. Halsted, Chicago IL 60608. Letters should be no more than 200 words.

Hang you head

I wonder how many of your readers remember a song popular in the 1960s called “Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley.” It’s catchy if rather melancholic tune (the said Mr Dooley was due to be executed the next day) makes it an ideal vehicle for anti-war songbirds, since the lyric just cries out for updating in light of current US and British difficulties in Iraq. I suggest the following adaptation:

Hang down your head, George Dubya,

Hang down your head, Mister Blair,

Hang down your heads, you con-men,

The WMDs were never there.

Ken Biggs

Prague Czech Republic

The author is the editor of Postmark Prague, an English-language monthly.

Glad to see you

I started receiving PWW news alert in my e-mail box recently and visited your site. I feel a lot of comfort knowing that you exist.

My solidarity and respect,

Ivan Castaner

San Juan PR

Swindler Bush

A few weeks ago I came across a headline in the local newspaper that said Bush was going to “improve overtime pay” for workers. I did not spend much time reading it and it didn’t “read well.” Now today I came across your treatment of the same news item: it shows when it comes to workers – Bush is a swindler and a carbuncle on the working class – and needs to be removed.

Sam Yates

Minneapolis MN

Extreme right government

I wrote this letter to my local paper, The Arizona Daily Star. They of course wouldn’t print it.

We seem to have a system of government that advocates the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – call it what it is – fascism.

Damon Miller

Tucson AZ