Who polices the police?

The Bush administration has assigned itself the task of policing the world. We vote (except with Bush, who was selected) for president to govern our country, not to rule the world.

There must be millions across the world asking the question, “who is policing the policeman?” As a friend of mine said in an article to a local newspaper, “This president sits on top of the most massive, most dangerous weapons of mass destruction in the world. Again who polices President Bush and colleagues?”

Our only hope lies in the American people themselves. We have to rise; there is the beginnings of a rising already, saying “not in our name” or “enough is enough.” We want peace and the instruments to build peace.

The kind of peace that we are demanding will not come from sophisticated bombers such as the Stealth. It will not be achieved by the thousands and thousands of soldiers stationed in 150 countries around the world. It will not be achieved by military training taking place in Fort Benning, Georgia.

It can only be achieved by voting the rascals out; by financing the UN adequately and permitting it to do its job; by enforcement of the various UN covenants, like protecting worker rights to organize!

Lorenzo TorrezTucson AZ

Distribution is repayment

I know sometimes there can’t be bundles of the PWW/Mundo printed over holidays, but I hate for people I deliver to in the Labor Temple to miss out on it. There sure is a lot of movement going on.

I think, quite often, about what a big job it is for you all to put that paper together. No amount of money can really repay you for all that work. I wish I were a millionaire.

Irene HullSeattle WA

No war for oil

In my neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts the other day I showed my jacket with a “No War for Oil” sticker on the back to four elderly veterans who were having coffee. One stuck his thumb up and they said, “Yeah, that’s what it’s all about.” They were evidently through war and they know what it’s all about. It’s not John Wayne’s type of war.

Bill MackovichChicago IL


PWW readers who want to help the progressive government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela by buying CITGO gas, which is 100 percent owned by the state oil company, PDVSA, can go to the following website to locate a nearby CITGO gas station: www.citgo.com.

For more on the “Buy CITGO” campaign and other good information, in English, on Venezuela, go to www.vheadline.com.

Walter TillowNew York NY

Thanks for Flory coverage

I’ve been meaning to write for some time, to express appreciation for the coverage of Ishmael Flory. I have fond and vivid memories of getting to know him thirty years ago when I was teaching at Southern Illinois University. He is by any reckoning a remarkable revolutionary who always conveyed the strength and joy of the movement to all around him.

Fred Whitehead

Editor and publisher of Freethought History Kansas City KS

Autism & Homeland Security

I am writing in response to Terrie Albano’s article in the 12/12/02 edition involving mercury poisoning and autism. (“For whom the Homeland is secure?”) This article hit especially close to home, since my 2-year-old son is currently being tested for autism. I had no idea that this heart-breaking condition could be the result of some pharmaceutical company’s shallow dealings. It makes me irate to know that we live in a country where an inhuman corporation’s financial rights rank above our children’s rights.

If Ms. Albano could send me all the information she has on the link between vaccines and autism, and also the Homeland security issue, it would be greatly appreciated. You have just made a whole family of allies on this issue and I intend on exposing the selling of children’s health for campaign dollars. Thanks.

Michael B. BrewerBoaz AL