Score one for peace

Baseball players Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro stepped up to the plate and scored some winning runs for peace and international cooperation. Meanwhile George W. is hitting fouls and threatening to blow up the world’s ball park if the game doesn’t go his way.
W and his team should be benched.

Luke MoodyWeld ME

Crimes of capitalism

Last week The New York Times had an article about the growth in white collar crime. And the truth is that every day corporate stealing and power grabs are in the news. But every time the subject comes up I think it might be too simplistic to say that capitalism breeds “crime in the suites.”

The mantra of Wall Street in the 1980s was “Greed is good.” Well the truth is that greed is the driving force behind the Enron scandal but it also is what is just below the surface in the policy debates on Capital Hill. I hear more people that I work with say the rich and the corporations are greedy and that’s just how capitalism works. But a lot of times they also add it always has and always will.

We need more in the PWW that keeps making the point that yes, capitalism is at the heart of the many crises we are seeing, but we need more debate on what could replace this system. Can there be another system that works in the interests of the majority of working people is not only a good question, but one that we should have a chance to debate the possibilities in the pages of the PWW.

Nadia ClarkQueens NY

Urgent Call from Palestine

I am writing this letter, with overwhelming pain, sadness and despair. It has been 19 days since the re-occupation of Nablus. We have had this time to heal our wounds from the destruction done by Israeli tanks and the helicopters to our homes, schools, churches, mosques and many other buildings during the reoccupation.

We thought it was over and people here started to recover … but unfortunately the hope was demolished when 100 tanks and more than 1,000 soldiers, with the coverage of aircrafts, invaded Nablus again. The Israeli soldiers are going house to house, searching homes with police dogs. Just this morning, soldiers awoke us at 5:00 a.m. and announced in my neighborhood that all young men, aged 15-50 years were to come to the central square for interrogation.

People are living in poverty since there is no work and no jobs. Even those who still work receive only half of their wages and some have gone on unpaid vacation. It is important to note here that St. Luke’s Hospital is one of very few institutions that still pay the salaries and wages of its employees in full.

Many people don’t have enough food; others are sick and cannot reach the doctor, and there are many other stories we don’t hear of. The water and electricity have been cut. We were unable to gather to worship on Sunday.

Rev. Hosam NaoumNablus Palestine

Uncovering the real nuke danger

With all the trumpeting by the Bush administration about the breakthrough on signing of the U.S.-Russia arms treaty, it was refreshing to read Sue Webb’s front page (6/1) take on what really happened between Bush and Putin. Having the people who represent the movement to save the planet from mass destruction give their analysis was great. Keep up the good work of uncovering the real story.

S. SanchezAustin TX

PWW needs a sports page

Ever since the NCAA basketball tournament in March, when I saw the picture of Coach Tarkanian retiring from his job, that you carried, I’ve been wondering why you don’t have a sports page or at least regular articles on sports.

The first section I turn to in the daily newspaper is the sports section. I think that if your writers turned their analysis on sports we would have yet another reason to get new people subscribing to the PWW. (And it’s not just because the LA Lakers are going to win the NBA championships either!)

A ReaderLos Angeles CA