A world without war is possible

More than 300 people concerned about the Bush administration’s drive toward war against Iraq gathered at Riverside Church, Nov. 23, to raise their voices for peace.

It was billed as “A Call to Action: A Conference for Justice and Peace” and the main slogan was “A world without war is possible.”

The Rev. James A. Forbes, Jr. senior minister of Riverside Church welcomed the crowd and Jim White from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Manhattanville chaired the daylong meeting sponsored by 28 religious and peace and justice organizations.

Michael Klare, professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., delivered the keynote speech on “U.S. Foreign Policy and the War on Terrorism” while the Rev. Simon Harak, S.J., speaking for Voices in the Wilderness spoke about the “War on Iraq.” Nancy Chang from the Center for Constitutional Rights spoke on the loss of civil liberties in the U.S.” from the Bush-Ashcroft “war on terrorism.”

There were also speakers from the Islamic, Jewish and Christian communities.

The conference adopted “principles of unity” that stated, “We condemn the detention and profiling of Arabs and South Asians and understand the implications for all immigrants and African Americans. We oppose religious discrimination whether it be anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, or anti-Christian. In an era of globalization, we think that racism must be understood and opposed from an internationalist class perspective.”

Lillian RydellNew York NY

The bottom line

I love and appreciate the goodness in our country, but just as a parent does to their children, I must say when we, the United States are wrong.

Our leaders in the Pentagon and the rich were and are a big part of the problem. They are conceited, ignorant and quick on the trigger. At some point they are simply protecting their positions and fortunes and not much else. This is why many countries do not like the U.S. We’re behaving like bullies and are into power and wealth.

It’s time to change or modify our definition of success for the Pentagon and the rich. Protect our freedom – yes! Abuse and misuse free enterprise and capitalistic system – no!

Journalism is our watchdog. The press must be honest with their own questions and tell us the information we need to stay a democracy.

Let’s get with it America. We’re electing the wrong people We have to have better leaders, watch where our taxes go, bring back the railroads, and look forward to a modest future. Peace. Shalom.

Charlotte FiskettiDuluth MN


I just became a new subscriber to PWW. I read Brandi Kishner’s article titled “Change our election system” (11/16). When I saw the title I thought that I might read about abolishing the Electoral College system, or eliminating the 435 membership cap on the U.S. House of Reps. or term limits for the Supreme Court Justices. It’s good that you exposed some of the precinct glitches that stifle the free flow of the people to vote but it is the time for you to write and be critical of a two party/one party system, money and winner take all system! There is no deeper problem so to speak.

Chris O’bannonvia e-mail

Author’s note:

Brandi Kishner answered Chris’ e-mail: Fundamental election reform is necessary. To begin the process we must bring political discussion into our homes, communities and workplaces. Politics may not be polite, but at a time like this it is necessary.

What about crime?

Thank you for your excellent web site. You provide articles that are well done and I am appreciative of them. I have a request for a possible topic that your fine writers may wish to write. As a bus driver I deal with hundreds of passengers a day. I am in conversation with the young, old, poor and the wealthy of our society. The topic most discussed is crime and its effect on any possible change in the future. What they want is the crime to stop. I realize this is painting a topic with a broad brush. I understand the underlying reasons for crime and I try to convey that understanding to them, but that is not what they want to hear. What they want is a quick fix and that simply is impossible. Nonetheless, if you have the time or desire for this subject it would be appreciated.

A readervia e-mail