Mayor De Blasio helps celebrate NY Fight For 15 victory

NEW YORK, Jan. 6 – Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke in front of hundreds at District Council 37 in lower Manhattan.  

The event was a celebration for New York City public workers and contractors, whose hourly minimum wage will rise to $15 an hour before the end of 2018. 

Mayor de Blasio and the city council have called for $15 in NYC wage but state law mandates the minimum wage of cities and towns to be set at the state level. The Republican-led state senate has blocked the desired increase.

Photo and Video: PW


Estevan Bassett-Nembhard
Estevan Bassett-Nembhard

Estevan Bassett-Nembhard is the New York City organizer of the Communist Party USA. He has led community campaigns for the Black Radical Congress, the Young Communist League and La Fuente. He traveled the country helping health care workers form unions with the Service Employees International Union. He enjoys exploring NYC neighborhoods and parks with his family, friends and dog, Conan.