Myanmar shuts down internet in bid to stifle protest
Anti-coup demonstrators prepare to confront police during a protest in Tarmwe township, Yangon, Myanmar | AP

Myanmar’s wireless broadband internet services were shut down today as the coup regime sought to disrupt ongoing protests.

The move came following instructions issued on Thursday by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

After weeks of overnight cutoffs of internet access, the military shut all links today apart from those using fibreoptic cable, which was working at drastically reduced speeds.

The government has shut down all but a handful of fully military-controlled media outlets.

Human Rights Watch said today that since the coup the Burmese army has disappeared hundreds of people.

The UN security council condemned the coup regime on Thursday for its violent attacks on protests, while foreign companies started to stop co-operation with it.

German-based G+D, which supplies system components for Myanmar’s banknotes, said it was suspending all deliveries in “reaction to the ongoing violent clashes,” potentially affecting the junta’s ability to print money.

And a South Korean bank shut its Yangon branch and said it was considering withdrawing all staff from Myanmar after an employee was shot in the head by troops while commuting home on Wednesday.

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