New Ohio poll: Trump plummets 12 points among union members

In a speech to more than 400 union members today in Ohio, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will drop a major finding from internal polling.

Donald Trump has plummeted 12 points among union members in Ohio. From June to early September, he is now down from 44 to 32 percent. How bad is that? Trump is performing 5 points worse than Mitt Romney who received 37 percent of the union vote in Ohio.

From remarks President Trumka will give later today:

“Brothers and sisters, a few days ago, we got results back from an internal poll of union members in five key states, including Ohio. The findings exposed another one of Donald Trump’s lies-the idea that he has “tremendous” support among union members.

“In fact, Trump’s numbers are lower than Mitt Romney’s in 2012, and dropping. This year, America’s labor movement has unleashed the most comprehensive and sophisticated electoral program in our history. It’s working. We are cutting through Trump’s bluster and getting to the heart of his record. Trump may be loud, but we are clear. Since June, Trump’s support among union members in Ohio has dropped twelve points. Let me repeat that. Trump’s support among union members in Ohio has dropped twelve points in the last three months. You did that! Donald Trump is in a nosedive because of the conversations each of you are having.”

Photo: The Ohio AFL-CIO 30th Biennial Convention. Facebook. 


Special to People’s World
Special to People’s World

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