People’s World, an indispensable part of the fight against global warming
Chicago residents protest corporate-caused environmental pollution on Chicago's Southeast Side. People's World gives voice to the people and organizations fighting for environmental justice. | Rick Majewski at Chicago Block Club

People’s World has spent 100 years as an independent news source, advocating for workers and the environment. For working-class journalism, however, threats to its longevity are imminent.

The same powerful corporate interests that run roughshod over the living standard of the people, also run roughshod over the planet. They do this through their control of powerful corporate media that they fund and through social media-driven misinformation that is running rampant.

In a time when natural disasters escalate and the planet’s resources are repleted, summits like COP28 are relegated to the deceitful agendas of Big Oil CEOs. People’s World has taken a firm stance, time and again, in opposition to those who would desecrate the environment and turn a blind eye to the climate crisis ravaging it.

A firefighter fights one of the many blazes caused by global warming. People’s World covers these important battles to save the lives of people and to save the planet. | Ethan Swope/AP

We support other independent news sources that deliver the truth about this crisis, including EcoWatch and, and we align ourselves with their visions in putting forward a perspective that relies on scientific fact and political action. We want to be a voice for cleaning up the environment in a landscape where there is increasing silence on the matter – or outright denialism by fossil fuel interests seeking to obfuscate the facts for their own agenda.

There are myriad ecological issues that dovetail with the interests and needs of workers, and we are proud to shine a light on them. We draw important parallels between global warming and the lives of indigenous people, as well as the displacement of immigrants, refugees, and the most poor and vulnerable among the population whose livelihoods are too often swept away in the cascade of environmental destruction.

We expose the plights of underprivileged communities whose neighborhoods are used as dumping grounds by corporate, dirty energy interests. For every disaster, like the Flint water crisis and the East Palestine train explosion, there is an article covering it here at People’s World, offering facts you’re unlikely to find on the ad-saturated social platforms of Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

In 2024, we are further at risk of a president taking office who has anything but environmental safety in mind. This prospect, as well as the continuing acceleration of climate disruption, now more than ever strengthens the need for journalism that takes the side of the working class. We are on the front lines of a struggle where democracy and environment alike are at stake. Keeping People’s World alive and well is part and parcel of ensuring that the people triumph, and not the corporations seeking to line their pockets at any cost.

To that end, we must take the skills and journalistic integrity of our staff and pay it forward, exposing the corruption and presenting to readers the dire situation as it truly is. To accomplish this, we ask with this 2024 Fund Drive that readers do the same, and make a donation to help us keep doing what we do best. In the years to come, People’s World will continue to have a serious role to play in the fight to stop global warming and heal the climate. If readers choose to be a part of the solution by supporting People’s World, we can get that much closer to achieving the goals we all care about.

Blake Skylar
People’s World Production Manager, Writer

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Blake Skylar
Blake Skylar

Blake is a writer and production manager, responsible for the daily assembly of the People's World home page. He has earned awards from the IWPA and ILCA, and his articles have appeared in publications such as Workday Minnesota, EcoWatch, and Earth First News. He has covered issues including the BP oil spill in New Orleans and the 2015 U.N. Climate Conference in Paris.

He lives in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend and their cats. He enjoys wine, books, music, and nature. In his spare time, he reviews music, creates artwork, and is working on several books and digital comics.