PW conversation with Layana Khoury, an editor of Israeli Communist Party’s Al-Ittihad newspaper

LAYANA KHOURY is an editor of Al-Ittihad (The Union), the daily Arabic-language newspaper of the Israeli Communist Party.

Along with its sister publication, the Hebrew-language Zo Haderekh (This is the Way), Al-Ittihad is operating under the most difficult and repressive conditions. They face constant political attacks from the Netanyahu government and the military censorship of the IDF as they attempt to report from the frontlines of the war in Gaza, build resistance to the occupation, and shine a spotlight on the peace movement inside Israel.

Founded in 1944, the newspaper was originally the official press of the National Liberation League in Palestine, then the Arab Workers Congress, later the Communist Party, and it now also operates in close cooperation with the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality.

From its establishment, Al-Ittihad has been part of the struggle for peace among all the peoples in Israel and Palestine, the fight to end the occupation, and to win socialism. In the occupied West Bank and in Gaza over the decades, young people have been frequently dragged into court by police for distributing copies of Al-Ittihad in the occupied territories. Today, it is the largest circulation Arabic-language Marxist publication in the Middle East.

Layana Khoury was scheduled to travel to the United States as a guest speaker for People’s World’s 100th anniversary celebration in June, but she was unable to travel at the last minute. But PW didn’t want our readers to miss out on the insights and experiences she has to share as Palestinian woman and a Communist journalist.

The broadcast begins at 8pm Eastern Time on Thursday, July 11 on the PW social media channels. Tune in to watch Layana Khoury, in conversation with People’s World correspondents Taryn Fivek and C.J. Atkins.

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