CHICAGO – Mark Almberg recently joined the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo as managing editor. Almberg, a long-time activist and member of the Chicago Newspaper Guild/CWA Local 34071, is looking forward to being a part of the team. “I’m very excited to be joining the People’s Weekly World and to be working with such a terrific group of people – full-time staff, volunteer writers and contributors – to bring out the truth about what’s happening in today’s world,” Almberg said.

Almberg, 52, holds a B.A. degree from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He is a former Communist Party candidate for U.S. Congress and State Senator. Over the course of his working life, Almberg has been a machinist, office worker and organizational secretary for the Illinois district of the Communist Party.

The PWW/Mundo is moving its editorial and page production offices to Chicago, where in 1924 the Daily Worker, the PWW’s predecessor, was born. The move will be completed by the end of the year. Business and circulation offices will remain in New York City.

“The wealthy owners of the mass media and the Bush administration spend billions on misinformation, on ideas and stories that seek to discredit the struggles of working class and the oppressed. They manufacture lies to wage wars, cut wages and benefits and confuse and disorient working people at every turn. It gives me enormous pleasure to know that I’m part of a collective effort to defend the highest ideals of humanity and the best interest of workers at home and abroad,” Almberg said. “Besides, it’s a lot of fun! Who could ask for more?”

“Mark is going to add a fantastic combination of politics, working class partisanship and organizational skill, all of which are necessary to put out a newspaper like this,” said Terrie Albano, associate editor.

Editor Tim Wheeler said Almberg’s addition is heartily welcomed by the editorial board and staff. “We know Mark will make a significant contribution to the collective work of producing working class and people’s journalism.”

Almberg is married to peace activist Sarah Staggs and they have two daughters, Emily and Kirsten. Almberg has traveled to China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union and has written occasionally for the PWW and its predecessors.