Sen. Bernie Sanders’ momentum continues to surge

A straw poll conducted at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention Gives Sanders 41 percent support.

Yes, it’s only a straw poll in one state but with each bit of news like this–doubling his support in Iowa, Sunday morning talk shows every weekend, huge and overwhelming crowds at his rallies including 4,000 people at a rally in Portsmouth, NH, raising well over $4 million in two weeks from small donors, signing up 200,000 supporters and volunteers; with every bit of news like this Bernie Sanders becomes more viable as a candidate for president of the United States.

And, lest we forget, viability in presidential campaigns begets viability.

The more people who support Sanders, the more who are drawn to his candidacy.

The reason more and more Democrats are drawn to Bernie’s candidacy is not ideological.  It is common sense.

Bernie Sanders is the Common Sense Candidate to Save America and her people.

He knows the top .1 of the top one percent are taking any and all gains from growth in the economy.

Bernie knows the mega Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is a disaster for working people here and around the world just as every mega trade deal negotiated in secret by corporate attorneys and passed by a Congress that doesn’t know what’s in it has been.

Bernie wants to get off defense and start playing offense on benefits for our elders.  He refuses to debate cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He will fight to expand them.

He wants public college and university to be free for students who work and keep up their grades – not just so those individual students do better but so America does better with a better trained work force –  an educated citizenry necessary for democracy.

And perhaps most importantly because it is a prerequisite for everything we want to do to better the lives of average Americans, Bernie Sanders wants to change labor law to open up the opportunity to form unions and bargain collectively to more and more people.  And he wants to make sure workers are not intimidated, retaliated against or terminated for exercising the First Amendment on the job.

Bernie Sanders is the common sense candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Stewart Acuff is a longtime assistant to recent AFL-CIO presidents, a longtime union organizer, and now a popular writer and blogger.

Photo: Bernie Sanders speaks in Portsmouth, N.H.  |  Eileen B., Creative Commons, via Daily Kos


Stewart Acuff
Stewart Acuff

Stewart Acuff is Organizing Director of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees 1199 in Philadelphia.