Show your solidarity with striking UAW workers with this draft resolution

The following draft solidarity resolution was developed by the North Dakota AFL-CIO. You can help build support by passing similar resolutions in your own union local, city council, community club, church, or other political or civic organization. You can start with this text, customize it with your own additions, and present it to your group for consideration. When resolutions are passed, share them on social media, in newsletters, send them to your members of Congress, to the auto companies, and other unions. Let the striking UAW workers know that they’ve got support. Download a copy.



WHEREAS: The members of the United Auto Workers are fighting for a fair contract with General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis; and

WHEREAS: These “Big Three” automakers have made record profits over the last decade; and

WHEREAS: The CEOs and shareholders of these companies have also received record compensation; and

WHEREAS: These record profits were made possible only through the labor of the members of the United Auto Workers; and

WHEREAS: The workers at these companies are demanding their fair share of these profits and compensation; and

WHEREAS: Working people are living in a time of historic income inequality and rapidly increasing basic cost of living;

WHEREAS: We understand that workers, joined together in their unions, their unions joined together in solidarity, forming the modern labor movement, is our best chance at decreasing income inequality; and

WHEREAS: The historic struggle that the United Auto Workers are currently facing may impact the trajectory of the entire working class for years to come; therefore be it

RESOLVED: ________ extends our most heartfelt support to the United Auto Workers and their historic labor struggle at General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis; and be it further

RESOLVED: ________ stands ready to provide moral and material support to these brave workers and their families, and their union.

RESOLVED: ________ reaffirms the bonds of solidarity that connect us all as working people.


DOWNLOAD this draft resolution in .docx format for easy customization and editing.


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