Spotlight on Black women leaders
Black women in the lead on the Fight for $15 in Miami. | Lynne Sladky / AP

The article, “In the Trump era, Black women must be allowed to lead,” by Chauncey K. Robinson, published in People’s World on March 1, 2017, was insightful, well-researched, and very timely.  As a member of the CPUSA, a supporter of People’s World, union member, activist, and educator, this is the type of informed analysis I look for – and which we all need!

As Ms. Robinson effectively outlines, Black woman play an increasingly critical role in electoral politics, as demonstrated last November, when other “progressive” demographics were less consistent on the import and consequences of the results.

Generally speaking, Black women have ties and commitments to grassroots communities that can only strengthen the broader coalition for social, racial, criminal, and economic justice. Yet their “power and wisdom” are too often ignored, marginalized or silenced.

Given the current crisis in leadership from the local to the global level, individual and collective struggles have a much greater chance of winning the many fights that have long been with us and will remain far into the future, with Black women in the lead!

Lisa M. Sparaco

San Diego, CA


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