SVB collapse: Who will get bailed out, and who will pay?

Another financial crisis, another bailout? As the bank failures pile up, it seems that capitalism is overdrawn once again. And, as in past economic collapses, it looks like the public will be expected to “socialize” the losses imposed on us by government deregulation and the risky investments of the financial class.

Cartoonist Greg Kearney offers his take in this week’s cartoon. Check out this article in People’s World to get all the details of what the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank mean: Silicon Valley Bank collapse reveals danger of a wider financial crisis.


Greg Kearney
Greg Kearney

Greg Kearney has worked as an editorial cartoonist for over 40 years. He calls himself  “a traditional labor Democrat,” and his cartoons have appeared in publications as diverse as the Journal of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union to People's World. “You may not always agree with my views but that is the whole point of editorial cartooning.” Kearney is a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.