Taco Tuesday? At People’s World, it’s also $50 Tuesday

Besides being Taco Tuesday, it’s also $50 Tuesday!

Yes, March is devoted to the People’s World Weekday Sustainer Pitch. Each day of the week, readers are encouraged to sign up for a sustainer at a specific amount (i.e., $100 Mondays, $50 Tuesdays, $20 Wednesdays, $10 Thursdays, and $5 Fridays).

Please sign up today to become a $50 monthly recurring donor!

Of course, any amount is greatly appreciated, but join in on the fun! Maybe you are currently a $20 sustainer but want to increase it to $50? Send us a message today, and we’ll set that up for you! Or maybe you want to sign up to give $10 a month, well you can join the fun on $10 Thursdays, or sign up now! Don’t wait! There are no limits to donating, we just want everyone who can to participate.

Your generous sustainer helps us to keep producing the more than 1,500 articles we bring you per year to combat the right-wing propaganda machine. People’s World reports the struggles and victories of the mass movement to defend democracy, and we do it without a single dime in corporate money.

Not to mention, your recurring donation allows us to distribute weekly print newsletters to over 130 incarcerated people locked behind bars in jails and prisons across this country.

We appreciate any amount you can give, as the urgency to keep People’s World going and growing has increased. Will you join our Sustainer Community today?

If you would like to find out other ways to support People’s World, you can also visit the Sustainer Program Resource Page or email laura@peoplesworld.org for more information.

In Solidarity,

Laura Cambron

Sustainer Program Coordinator


Laura Cambron
Laura Cambron

Laura Cambron writes from Chicago.