Town Hall event: Confronting the Covid Economy—Women Fight Back

The recession caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and aggravated by corporate-centered policies has been especially devastating for women workers, particularly women of color. Women have lost jobs, income, and savings at significantly higher rates than men, and at the same time, women were burdened with hugely increased demands for their unpaid labor.

On Sunday, May 2, at 7 pm Eastern / 6 pm Central / 5 pm Mountain / 4 pm Pacific, join an online People’s World / International Labor Communications Association town hall: “Confronting the Covid Economy: Women Fight Back.”

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Labor and other activists from across the country will testify about the impact of the pandemic on working women’s lives and futures and about the ways women are fighting back against unemployment.

> What policies can be demanded that will alleviate these extra burdens experienced by women workers?  

> What will be the impact of the American Rescue Plan on women’s lives, and in what areas does that plan fall short?

> What demands can be made of lawmakers and others that will make the most difference in women’s real lives?  

> How can we most effectively organize to demand justice, equality, and an end to the exploitation and special oppression that particularly women of color face in the capitalist economy-in-crisis?


Carmella Carothers – Shop Steward & Membership Assistance Program, UNITE HERE Local 1

Haley Carrera – Community Organizer, Phoenix, Ariz.

Carol Rosenblatt – Retired Executive Director, Coalition of Labor Union Women

Erica Smiley – Executive Director, Jobs With Justice

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See you at the Town Hall!

John Wojcik
Editor, People’s World
Vice President
International Labor Communicators Association

Howard Kling
Vice President
International Labor Communications Association


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