• Editorials


    January 26, 2002

    Time to fight, not run This session of Congress faces a multi-tiered crisis that includes George W. Bush’s “war on terrorism” and a declining economy, made worse by the collapse of Enron and the bankruptcy of...

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  • Save Roe v. Wade

    Save Roe v. Wade

    January 26, 2002

    The following is a press release issued by NOW President Kim Gandy. Roe v. Wade is in more danger today than at any other time in the last 29 years. George W. Bush’s anti-abortion agenda could...

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  • Mexican steelworkers occupy complex

    Mexican steelworkers occupy complex

    January 19, 2002 By Paul S. Kaczocha

    On Dec. 20, over 2,000 iron ore miners occupied the Sicartsa plant and three other neighboring steel plants in the huge steel complex located at Lázaro Cárdenas-Las Trujas, in the Mexican state of Michoacán. ISPAT Mexicana,...

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  • U.S. blockade abuses Cuban children

    U.S. blockade abuses Cuban children

    January 19, 2002

    Military might and patriotic display are now in charge, ever since Sept. 11. Yet reminders surface of U.S. misbehavior over many years in the name of anti-communism and defending U.S. interests. Here the plight of Cuba’s...

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  • Educational peace resolutions and resources

    Educational peace resolutions and resources

    January 18, 2002

    The Oakland Education Association Executive Board passed the following Motion, September 20, 2001 We of the Oakland Education Association share the grief of the country and the world at the horrific loss of life in the...

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