• Time for patriotism

    Time for patriotism

    October 24, 2003

    Opinion It was funny celebrating the Fourth of July this year and imagining what a U.S. solider might say when explaining to an Iraqi kid what the July 4th holiday is. “Well, it was when the...

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  • Edward Said: a voice for the voiceless

    Edward Said: a voice for the voiceless

    October 17, 2003 By Jennifer Barnett

    Edward W. Said, who died Sept. 25, 2003, at the age of 67, was many things to many people. Depending on which newspaper’s obituary you read, Said was “a prominent figure in the debate over the...

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  • The destruction of life as we know it

    The destruction of life as we know it

    October 17, 2003

    Opinion Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and prime ultra-reactionary advisor to the Bush administration, is also a head hatchet man. He believes that President Theodore Roosevelt ushered in an era of socialist government...

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  • Celebrating our history

    Celebrating our history

    October 17, 2003

    Opinion I learned to fly as an RAF cadet in Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe] during the war and vividly remember the way in which Britain obliterated the history of the people of the country that it then...

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  • A world of light and darkness

    A world of light and darkness

    October 10, 2003

    Opinion Recently, news of a blackout hit the world press: the giant blackout that affected more than 50 million people in the northeastern USA and Canada. It lasted more than 24 hours, paralyzing transportation, causing massive...

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