A chilling contrast in Michigan's 9th CD

Peters supporters rally before debate

PONTIAC, Mich. - With the first debate over between incumbent Democrat Gary Peters and his Republican and tea party backed challenger Andrew (Rocky) Raczkowski, voters have real reason for concern if Raczkowski were to be elected congressman in Michigan's 9th district.

During the debate Raczkowski continually professed he'd only be beholden to his Oakland County constituents. His words painted a far different picture.

Raczkowski attempted to demonize health care reform by saying it was "socialized medicine and the takeover of the entire practice of medicine." He blamed health care reform, not the insurance companies, for the increase in premiums many insurance companies enacted before the reform took effect.

Peters pointed to "some incredibly important aspects" of the bill including the provision that allows children under 26 to continue on their parents' policy.

He said because of a sliding scale based on income, "Middle income folks, who are just struggling, pay their bills everyday and can't afford it, now they will be able to have health care. Reform will bring peace of mind to many. We can't repeal health care: we have to keep it in place."

Peters pounded on Raczkowski's support for a 23 percent national sales tax. While Raczkowski tried to deny the charge, he has been endorsed by the Michigan Fair Tax Association because of his support for HR 25, the misnamed Fair Tax Act. This bill would eliminate the IRS (and taxes on CEOs and corporations) and put a 23 percent sales tax in its place.

Peters said it's anything but fair. "How many folks out there would like to pay 23 percent more for everything you buy? A gallon of gasoline? A gallon of milk? A house - 23 percent more, a car - 23 percent more."

Asked if the more than 14,000 men and women discharged for having a sexual persuasion different from the majority means "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should be abolished, Raczkowski replied "absolutely not."

A far different answer came from Peters: "I am very proud to say I support the repeal."

While Peters touted his work on the Wall Street reform bill, Raczkowski has been quoted in local papers saying he was against Wall Street reform and was concerned the bill would "over regulate" the banking industry.

In addition, he wants individuals to open private Wall Street accounts for their Social Security savings. Luckily for seniors, this was not in place during the recent stock market crash.

To a question on the handling of Iran Raczkowski replied, "War is the last option but all options must be on the table." One got the distinct sense this candidate finger is quick on the trigger.

During his summary, Raczkowski repeated his mantra of opposition to health care reform, the stimulus package and cap and trade.

The Republican is a candidate who sees a very limited role - or no role at all - for government. This is deregulation on a vast scale with safeguards and oversight eliminated. If you're a conservative multi-millionaire, Raczkowski is your man.

Photo: PW/John Rummel

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  • Has anyone noticed that Gary Peters isn't touting his own record, but instead is attacking Rocky with lies? Rocky is for abolishing all taxes and replacing them with a flat tax. You don't hear about the "abolishing" part though, do you? Peters is also saying that Rocky is being sued by "business partners." Again, Peters is lying. This is simply not true, nor are any of the "facts" Peters gives in the case. Hmmmm.......seems like Gary Peters lies a lot. It's also obvious that Peters is running from his own record........If he is so proud of the healthcare bill he's foisted on all of us, why doesn't he talk about how "good" it's going to be for us? How about his vote on cap and trade: I don't hear him talking about how wonderful hugely higher heating bills will be for us, do you? Or the "stimulus bill" he voted for-----you know, those "shovel ready" projects that Obama now admits never existed......WAKE UP, people!

    Posted by Ella, 10/21/2010 7:43am (5 years ago)

  • It's amazing that one person would think enough about this article to log on a half dozen times with the same rant. Insurance rates only have gone up by HALF what was predicted, by the insurance companies, prior to the Healthcare Legislation being passed. They are delighted to have almost 50 MILLION new customers - but the rates won't drop substantially until everyone is on board in 2014.
    Anyone that is a real working person realizes how much the prices have gone up, and how much value the dollar has lost due to the Bush Administration's record-breaking borrow and spend policies. To even suggest that the Democrats passed legislation in 2006, or in any way caused the current economic problems is brain dead lunacy. It's a lie. plain and simple and if it's not name the bill, by number and the date of it's passage. Never happened. Bush and his needless war with Iraq, and the trillion dollars he borrowed, with the approval of the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS, together with the fraud and dishonesty of the banking and securities manipulators collapsed the economy. It happened in 2008; before the primaries and WAY before the Obama and Democrat landslide. In fact, it was the reason for that landslide.
    Don't forget, almost 2/3 of the folks who are polled "against" Obama are Progressives angry that there is not single-payer insurance and that the bankers and broker thieves got bailed out. The wingnut right is still sitting at 18%, just as it has since the John Birch 50's.
    You Bag Biters sound like little kids, afraid of the future - when over 3/4 of your guys ARE ON SOCIAL SECURITY, but eager to take it away from your kids!! Get a life, but I digress, your lives are mostly spent. If you think for one second that folks who paid into Social Security all our lives and who want National Healthcare for all will be blocked, get out your calculators and DO THE MATH. We are over 100 million voters ahead, and growing. Is that why you folks are so mad all the time?

    Posted by P3NavyPilot, 10/06/2010 12:03am (5 years ago)

  • Rocky is out of touch with the citizens of the 9th Congressional District. They are not extremist Tea Party supporters. They care about their community and improving quality of life. Rocky wants to destroy our quality of life by unleashing unfettered capitalism that benefits the top one percent. Governance by the right for during the last 30 years has lead to the unleashing unfettered capitalism. We now see the results of that effort--it has resulted in speculation, increasing wealth at the top, unemployment for the middle class and working class, impoverishment, and decaying municipalities. Rocky's policy ideas promote more speculation and increasing wealth for the top one precent. We don't not extreme right promoting the same policies that got us into the present economic and social problems.

    Posted by Oakland County Citizen, 10/01/2010 4:08pm (5 years ago)

  • A chilling contrast in Michigan's 9th CD
    This article is the most blatantly biased news article that I have recently seen. It is inundated with charged language and opinionated-erroneous statements. I counted 11 examples in this very short article. If it is an opinion, it is not posted as such.

    Peters is either ignorant or a liar based on his comment "...and put a 23 per cent sales tax in place." Someone should do their research. The author of this article must also be guilty of not researching his material. In either case, an apology to his constituents is warranted.

    Based on Peters' support and the author's statement of supporting DADT repeal, my question of the author is: have you ever served on the battlefield? Because there seems to be a salient lack in common sense in both opinions, I think not.

    There is nothing wrong with diverting some of your social security TAXES to a private account. It places more control in the hands of the individual instead of turning more of your money over to socialist bureaucrats who disperse it to whomever the want. This is un-American.

    The author sarcastically criticized the statement "The Republican is a candidate who sees a very limited role - or no role at all - for government."What is wrong with abiding by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? What Peters wants is the 1936 version of the USSR Constitution.

    Because of the 80% bias, it must be concluded that this news source appears to be profiting from this in some way. Who and how are they being compensated? Is George Soros funding this publication? Where is the TRUTH?

    I only agree with one statement and that is the title, " A chilling contrast in Michigan's 9th CD" The choice is AMERICAN or communism.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Posted by USABob, 10/01/2010 1:13pm (5 years ago)

  • "Rocky" tries to come off as an easy going, caring guy, but he's certainly lined up with the "Party of NO". He had his mantra, "Obamacare, jobs losing 'Cap & Trade,' and the stimulus." His support of "Fair Tax" says it all - another giveaway to the rich.

    Posted by royal oak resident, 10/01/2010 12:16pm (5 years ago)

  • He blamed health care reform, not the insurance companies, for the increase in premiums many insurance companies enacted before the reform took effect.

    Curiously, some time ago when the healthcare debate was taking place, Catterpillar (among other big companies) worried that the new health care reform would cost the company about $100 M. They (and Nextel, Pfizer, Home Depot) etc., have laid off hundreds of thousands of employees for reasons easily grasped by conservative, commons sensed minds.
    Now it appears that McDonalds may not be able to absorb the new costs imposed on them by the new healtcare guidelines, hence, would withdraw coverage to over $30,000 workers.
    I don't recall, even in the middle of the sharpest increases by the insurance companies, any notion that at some point they would have to "dump" employees health insurance due to unsustainable costs.
    So is Rocky right? We're finding out that regulation DOES have unwanted consequences.

    Posted by just a mom, 10/01/2010 10:32am (5 years ago)

  • Halloween is around the corner and Mr. Peters is now masquerading as a conservative. This from a shill who voted for ObamaCare, Stimulus, and Cap & Trade just to name a few.

    Thank goodness the 9th has a candidate like Rocky to choose this election season.

    If, Mr. Rummel, you had a finger on the pulse of Oakland County at all, you would know that Mr. Peters has voted against the wishes of his district.

    When a legislator doesn't heed their constituency, it is time for them to go.

    Posted by Suebee, 10/01/2010 9:16am (5 years ago)

  • Mr. Rummel, Is this People's World or Pravda? Actually, after reading your article I don't think there is a significant difference. As a proud Teabagger, I suspect you probably will never understand the profound impact of your first sentence in the last paragraph of your article "The Republican is a candidate who sees a very limited role- or no role at all-for government" Dah, that's what this race is all about. This is the only fundamental truth in this article. If you do not see that, Peters is your guy. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who thinks this country became great through massive government intervention is either ignorant of the facts, delusional, or strategically wants this country knocked down a few pegs and set up for failure.

    Posted by Big Brother, 10/01/2010 8:37am (5 years ago)

  • This article represents the kind of short-sighted thinking that led Democrats to pass the legislation that from 2006 to today has led our nation into a recession and then a depression.

    Although the stock market has performed badly for the last several years, over the last 50, it has outperformed social security by a wide factor. If seniors were allowed to choose to invest money in the stock market, based on a long-term perspective, it would allow them to both control their own money and likely earn considerably more. In addition, all of those funds now would be re-invested in companies and businesses, providing them with capital.

    Peters opposes all that, saying that even though the structure and long-term trends for social security are bankrupt and even though social security has a historic low record of creating wealth, he supports it without question or thought. That's the type of logic that you can continue to expect of Peters as he and his Democrat allies (which he voted with 95% of the time) continue to destroy our nation.

    Posted by A Conservative Teacher, 10/01/2010 7:19am (5 years ago)

  • Hasn't Oakland County suffered enough with Peters chumming up to the socialist values of this present administration? And for the Oakland Press to be running articles so blatantly slanted toward this Obama/Pelosi/Reid kiss up is EXTREMELY disappointing!

    A vote for Peters is a vote to continue in the downward spiral Oakland County has found itself in... Please... PLEASE... make your vote count to restore Oakland County and Michigan AND the United States to the greatness we once knew!!!!

    VOTE ROCKY!!!!!

    Posted by sis_alright, 10/01/2010 1:08am (5 years ago)

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