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Retraining for what? Auto ripple effect hits hospitals ... and jobs

DETROIT — “Hospitals brace for next hit” ran the headline in last week’s Detroit Free Press. The article cites soaring patient debt and free care for the uninsured as reasons for hospitals losing money.

Three dead, 38 injured in food plant explosion

GARNER, N.C. – The bodies of three workers missing after an explosion that caused the collapse of the ConAgra Slim Jim plant here have been discovered, according to police. The only victim identified thus far is Barbara McLean Spears, 43, of Dunn, N.C. Her brother, Anthony McLean, 38, told the press that Spears was a veteran of 15 years at the plant and that at the time of her death she was working in the cutting department. Her body was pulled out of the rubble Tuesday night, just before heavy rains forced a night long suspension of search and rescue efforts. The concern was that the torrential downpours could cause further collapse of the unstable structure.


Progressive majority is leaving conservatism isolated

WASHINGTON — What two things do people who are part of the Obama administration, trade unionists, civil rights activists, environmentalists, womens’ rights leaders, youth leaders, community organizers, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, senators and representatives, and health care and peace activists have in common?


SPEECH Labor unity and overcoming racism

Remarks by Richard L. Trumka, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, at the 38th Annual Convention of the Coalition of Black Trade Unions, Atlanta, Ga., on May 22, 2009.

Americas Future meet: Calls for new economic model for green jobs

WASHINGTON — 'Now is the time for bold investments in sustainability. Now is the time for a fundamental shift in how we think about our economy, the workers in it and our new energy future,' Kate Gordon of the Apollo Alliance told several thousand national and local labor, political, social justice and environmental leaders and activists attending the America's Future Now conference here June 2.

THIS WEEK IN LABOR: June 28, 2008

House backs paid leave for federal workers Supreme Court kills company neutrality law Mine safety mandates yet to be instituted Working mothers hit McCain on sex discrimination bill

Unions election drive means TV, money and troops

A mother holds a baby boy on her lap. She says: “Hi, John McCain, this is Alex, he’s my first.


Cleveland labor: Now is the time to unite

CLEVELAND — Delegates to the North Shore (Cleveland) AFL-CIO Federation of Labor erupted in cheers and applause when President Loree Soggs, referring to Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, opened his report to the June 11 meeting saying, “We now have a candidate.”


World labor group hits U.S. on worker rights

The International Trade Union Congress, which met June 9-11 in Geneva, assailed the lack of workers’ rights in the United States, and called on the World Trade Organization to take up the issue at its biannual review of U.S. trade policy.

Nations first Green Jobs Corps poised for launch

OAKLAND, Calif. — With City Council approval of $250,000 in seed money expected this week, Oakland is poised to launch the nation’s first Green Jobs Corps program to train young people with limited job prospects for good jobs in growing “green” industries.

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