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Globalization and women workers

Is the “globalization” that George Bush supports good or, at least, inevitable, as people from the capitalist class claim? And what impact has it had on women workers?

98.6 a healthy number

Ninety-eight point six is a symbol of good health and that’s the percent of members of Change to Win unions in California whose locals have submitted solidarity charters and are now considered full members of the California AFL-CIO, said Art Pulaski, president of the state federation.


The World of Peggy Lipschutz: Women, workers, angels soul of her purposeful art

Peggy Lipschutz, 87, picked up a small brush and eyed an unfinished painting. She added a dab of color to the figure of an older woman sitting in thought, with an angel in the background.

Wal-Mart and Henry Ford

Wal-Mart is known for the huge profits it has accumulated for the Walton family and its Wall Street backers. It is also known for low pay and savage opposition to workers’ rights.


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New unity moves highlight labor meet

AFL-CIO charts election strategy, forms new partnership with NEA. SAN DIEGO — A rainbow seemed to appear amid the gloomy clouds of disunity hanging over the U.S. labor movement when the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO announced a new partnership at the federation’s executive council meeting here Feb. 27. The NEA, with 2.8 million members, is the nation’s largest union. It has always been independent of the AFL-CIO. En español AFL-CIO anuncia nueva unidad laboral

Mine safety could use a little more confrontation

This is a sad time in the mining community, with so many recent tragedies. But it’s not enough to mourn. We also have to act.

Community unites to save Winchester jobs

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — “Winchester belongs in New Haven,” said toolmaker Larry Edwards at a community meeting here where Winchester workers, elected officials and Newhallville neighborhood residents joined forces to try to save over 140 union jobs.


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Fight not over for New Mexico minimum wage bill

As if it were a close basketball game, where one team is ahead by two or three points and is trying to run out the clock to keep the other team from scoring, New Mexico’s Republican state senators in cahoots with three southern Democratic state senators managed to stonewall a minimum wage bill as the Legislature’s session came to a halt exactly at 12 noon on Feb. 16.

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