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Farmworkers win yearlong battle with Burger King

Immokalee farmworkers celebrated a landmark agreement late last month, after Burger King agreed to pay them a penny more for every pound of tomatoes they pick, to improve their working conditions and to set up a new code of conduct for growers.

Black trade unionists gear up for election

ST. LOUIS — Barack Obama, in a telephone hook-up May 22, welcomed the 37th annual gathering of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists here by declaring, “We need to reward labor and hard work with a few basic guarantees — health care, education and the right to form a union.”

Migrant workers in Greece wage historic strike

ATHENS — Migrant workers laboring in the strawberry fields of Nea Manolada, in Greece’s southern Peloponnese region, where 90 percent of the country’s strawberry production is concentrated, waged a historic strike last month that will pave the way for immigrant workers in the country to battle for their rights.

Theres a movement going on out there

In the last eight months, I have addressed thousands of labor activists and community activists. And while all these audiences have been filled with folks who share my values for social and economic justice, it is this audience that embodies so much of the opportunity I was given to become what I am in this labor movement.

Workers Correspondence -- After 13 weeks, a slap in the face

The writer is the wife of an American Axle striker who was on the picket line for three months. I have written tons of letters and blogs the past few months but I have been so overwhelmed with this that I really wasn’t sure of my thoughts.


Non-union home builder feels the heat

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. — To wear a lemon costume in public you have to be pretty serious about your cause. So upset was Terry Templeton with the inferior construction of her Pulte-built home that the Arizona resident traveled all the way to Michigan to air her complaints at a shareholders meeting of Pulte Homes Inc.

Indian workers on hunger strike rally at the Capitol

A group of Indian workers and their supporters in the U.S. labor movement rallied at the U.S. Capitol building May 20 after the workers staged a 'water only' strike at the White House that began six days earlier.

Editorial: Look whos talking about the working class

If Marx and Engels were around today, listening to the corporate media pundits on cable and in print, they might have started their Manifesto with, “A spectre is haunting the U.S. 2008 elections – the spectre of communism.” All of a sudden these folks have discovered the working class. Talk about the disappearing middle class.


Photo gallery: Silicon Valley janitors go on strike

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (5/20/08) -- Silicon Valley janitors, mostly immigrants from Mexico and Central America, walked out of Cisco Systems and Yahoo buildings in the first day of a Bay Area-wide strike intended to force building service contractors to sign a new agreement with their union, Service Employees Local 1877.

Security officers stand up for a union

OAKLAND, Calif. — They’re the only workers inside Kaiser health care facilities, whether employed directly or contracted, who are denied the right to form a union.

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