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Sugar CEO calls union workers a "cancer"

As American Crystal Sugar's lockout of its workers passed the 4-month mark, workers challenged the lockout at the firm's annual meeting.


Workers reject sugar company demands; lockout continues

Workers at American Crystal Sugar's seven plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa rejected, by a nine to one margin in a Nov. 1 vote, the company's latest demands.


NBA cancels games as lockout continues

NBA postpones training camp and preseason games, putting the season in question.


Uranium plant, run by scabs, fined for toxic leak

An accident at a uranium-processing plant in Metropolis, Ill, shows the danger of using scab labor in a plant that requires sophisticated and trained workers.


The nation’s football players: “Let us play!”

Members of the NFL Players Association, are facing the possibility of being out of work if their bosses follow up on threats to lock them out when their contract expires March 4.


Possible lockout looms for NFL players

There are rumors floating around of a possible National Football League lockout that could possibly come as soon as the 2011 season.


NBA lockout?

It looks like the NBA is on the verge of another lockout, making it the second time ever in professional basketball history.


Illinois nuclear plant locks out 200 steelworkers

More than 200 workers were on the picket line last week in Metropolis, Ill., after their employer, Honeywell International, locked them out of their jobs, June 28.


Celebrating Mother’s Day on the picket line

PLEASANTON, Calif. - In the greeting card image of Mother's Day, Mother - surrounded by bouquets of flowers - is served breakfast in bed by her loving family before being treated to a sumptuous dinner at a posh restaurant.


Jobs With Justice scores wage theft victory over InkStop lockout

It takes a fight to win and Cleveland Jobs With Justice is celebrating its role in a massive repayment of stolen wages in a settlement that has labor lawyers shaking their heads.

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