Labor News


While violating worker rights, Trump takes Las Vegas

Participants in the Republican caucuses ignored Trump's violation of worker rights and gave him a double-digit victory.


Unions pulling support from pro-TPP Democratic lawmakers

"It's a question of, 'do you have a Democrat who votes like a Republican or a Republican who votes like a Republican."


Taxi drivers of the back 40

At the St. Louis airport, the Back 40 isn't part of a ranch. It's the nickname taxi drivers give to a big parking lot just up the road.


Menards arbitration practices come under NLRB scrutiny

A federal agency has been granted authority to investigate whether the binding arbitration policy that Menards forces on its employees is legal.


Nurses union says for them it’s Sanders all the way

RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of the National Nurses Union, said that for her union, for now at least, it's "Bernie or Bust."


NLRB judge issues split decision in big Walmart case

An NLRB administrative law judge issued a split decision in a big, notable case involving the monster anti-worker retailer.


AFL-CIO holding off on presidential endorsement

However, major unions that are part of the federation have already endorsed Clinton while others have come out for Sanders.


Obama budget keeps “Cadillac tax” on union health plans

The Cadillac tax took center stage for union leaders. All - and their members - want it completely repealed. Obama opposes that.


Communications Workers take on Wall Street

"Why take on Wall Street? Because when we go to the bargaining table," the opposing company "has a partner: Wall Street."


West Virginia Senate approves “right to work” bill

Brushing aside worker protests that brought several thousand people, the GOP-run West Virginia Senate approved a so-called "right to work" law. 

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