Latin Americas new consensus

When the Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz said the great tragedy of Mexico was that it was so far from God and so close to the United States, the comment summed up the long and tortured relationship between the Colossus of the North and Latin America.

Letters - November 8, 2008

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EDITORIAL: Dawn of a new era

A seismic shift, a watershed moment, an electoral landslide or the dawn of a new era. No matter what the turn of phrase, Nov. 4, 2008, will go down in the history books as the beginning of the end of the 30-year political reign of the ultra-right and its vicious pro-corporate agenda, and the end of a beginning of new politics in the United States of America.

Letters: November 1, 2008

Redistribution? That’s capitalism! Class warfare Free Liliany Obando ‘Religulous’ and religion Kabul

EDITORIAL: Reclaiming our country

The United States now stands at one of the most significant crossroads in our history. The choice before voters on Nov. 4 is crystal clear: Continue the catastrophic slide of the last eight years into the abyss of economic disintegration, growing human misery at home and costly, deadly adventurism abroad. Or, continue instead to build the broad labor-led coalition which can help a new administration and Congress chart a path to peaceful, cooperative international relations and an economy where people earn decent wages for producing needed goods and services and are assured quality affordable health care and other human needs, while protecting our environment.

What is voter fraud?

During the last presidential debate, Republican nominee John McCain made the following remark: “ACORN is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.”


Young workers do better with unions

For young workers who may not know what the advantages of being in a union are, the question “What’s a union gonna do for me?” was answered in a report released last week by the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Letters: Oct. 25, 2008

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Not this time

In state after state the number of new voters has exploded like never before. A people united are rising up to sweep the extreme right out of the White House and the Congress.

Plumbers vote their paycheck

“Joe the Plumber” has become a crutch John McCain and Sarah Palin are leaning on, heavily, to keep their limping campaign from keeling over. They quote him constantly as a sharp critic of Barack Obama’s plan to increase income taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year while cutting them for those earning less.

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