Defeat Trump, defeat racism

I'm no Democrat, but those who insist there's no difference between the two major parties must understand Trump's campaign is based on racism and bigotry.


Chicken can’t vote for Colonel Sanders: Black voters and the GOP

Are blacks voting against their own interests? Are they a "captured group" who would be better off if they weren't so pro-Democrat?


Inside/outside strategy: Left should learn from far right

The left hasn't had a real inside/outside strategy since the '30s Popular Front or Jackson's '80s campaigns. New curriculum says it's time to try again.


Letter to the Editor: Puzzled by the Robert Reich debate

"I am frankly puzzled by a recent op-ed piece that appeared in People's World."


Sam Webb doesn’t get Robert Reich

Is Webb trying to discourage people from supporting Clinton? We don't think so. We think he is shadow boxing a specter he calls "some" on the left.


Trump spins election fraud fantasy while Republicans cheat on voter rights

Trump claims he'll lose the election only if Democrats cheat at the polls, but the only ones cheating at elections are Republicans.


Black voters have plenty to lose with Trump

Programs that were working have been gutted, discredited, defunded, and attacked by Trump's Republican pals. Now he wants black voters to trust him?


Robert Reich on Hillary Clinton: Too smug, too sexist

"Does Clinton understand that the biggest divide in American politics is no longer between the right and the left, but between the anti-establishment and the establishment?"


On voting, should you let your conscience be your guide? Part 2

What does it mean to vote your conscience, and what does it mean to vote for the greater good?


The Occupy movement's 99 percent vs. 1 percent? Setting our sights and steering our course

Even if the Occupy slogan doesn't capture the main political dynamic of the present moment, its value lies in the fact that it gives us a star to steer by.

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