International law? Not in Texas

The World Court has issued a ruling demanding that the United States live up to one of the most important treaties to which it is signatory, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The demand by the World Court is likely to fail because of a bizarrely arrogant stance taken by the state of Texas, but U.S. voters could make sure that the circumstances which led to this case never happen again.

Three contrasting congresses meet in Germany

One key campaign is to get the NPD outlawed. The petition to achieve this states that 'Fascism is no political position, it is a crime.' Forbidding the party would hardly end its growing menace but would prevent neo-Nazis from using the large sums of the government money offered all political parties to spread hate propaganda.

Editorial: Israel's 60th anniversary

May 14 marked the 60th anniversary of the formation of the state of Israel. It has had a complex, troubled history, with many conflicting views about what happened and why.

Australian elections: historic victory for labor movement

The decisive defeat of the right-wing Coalition government in the Nov. 24 federal elections was a great victory for the labor movement, for the thousands of rank-and-file trade unionists and members of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), for YourRights@Work groups and thousands of rank-and-file workers.

Chavez warns of plans to destabilize Venezuela

MERIDA, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has warned of new plans to destabilize the country after the national referendum set for next Sunday, Dec. 2. He also said he has new evidence of attempts to assassinate him and called on the Venezuelan people to be on alert for any subversive actions in the coming week.

Circular migration of labor: a global corporate trend

The defeat of the Senate’s flawed comprehensive immigration bill last spring and the Bush administration’s escalating of factory and neighborhood raids, deportations and militarization of the border are largely blamed on right-wing forces who see legalization and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers as unacceptable amnesty.


Zones of conflict: challenge to African unity

There is a new danger plaguing Africa: zones of conflict are expanding into regional wars that take an ever-increasing human toll.


Is Bush planning war on Iran?

The Sunday Times of London is reporting that the Pentagon has plans for three days of massive air strikes against 1,200 targets in Iran.

A look behind the housing crisis

Close to a million families lost their homes last year. This year, it will likely be 2 million. There were 25,000 layoffs in the mortgage industry in the first 3 weeks of August. With home construction 25 percent below last year and falling, hundreds of thousands of building trades workers could lose their jobs. The word recession is back in the media. This time, all the happy talk from business leaders and administration flaks won’t make it go away.


Yugoslavia: a historic view

When the term “balkanization” is used, it has long meant to break a territory or a region up into hostile, unmanageable parts. The Balkans has long been portrayed by imperialist ideology as a region filled with colorful, violent, backward people — the “hillbillies” of Europe

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