MOOCs heralded as free online education, but how free is free?

Dangling a "solution" like MOOCs for low-income students relying on public universities to attain degrees and well-paying jobs is predatory.


A new era

With its Dec. 19, 2009, newprint edition, the People's World and Mundo Popular will say goodbye to one era and say hello to another.


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Health care public option debate cut the baloney

A lot has been written about the health care public option over the past few days. While some commentaries discuss the honest concerns many Americans have, others claim the would-be government-run plan is dead in the water.

British citizen speaks out about health care

I am English (and a dual citizen of England and the United States) and I am increasingly frustrated with the misinformation reported regarding socialized medicine. Several opponents of health care reform--including major conservative radio and TV commentators and several Republican politicians--claim that in England major surgery is not given to those over 59. This simply is NOT TRUE!

Truth-telling time

This is truth-telling time in the fight for health care. The voices of the uninsured and underinsured, of those who have insurance but live in fear of losing it, must be heard. The stakes could not be higher.

Why is Viagra popular and the condom controversial?

Why is the popular drug Viagra so praised for its virtues, while the condom is vilified by conservative religious groups among others the world over? Both are ‘external’ technological interventions that relate to sexual activity. They are among the most prominent tools in the area of reproductive health and sexuality.

Hiker rescued, hit with whopping bill

You are attempting a 17-mile hike on and around Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It’s late April but you face anything but a typical New England spring in the White Mountains. You have to keep in mind that Mount Washington is reputed to have the worst weather in the world. That’s right. Not Everest, not Kilimanjaro. In a day’s drive or less, millions of people can experience the best and the worst that Mount Washington can offer. Just ask Scott Mason.

Whats really behind the death panel scare?

Telling seniors they will have to appear before “death panels” which will decide whether they live or die is not just another one of the many outrageous lies invented by the right wing. More than just a scheme to kill health insurance reform, it is part of a major effort to shift the nation’s seniors to the right of the political spectrum.

EDITORIAL: The good news of Sotomayors confirmation

The confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as the first Latina and third woman ever to serve on the U.S. Supreme court should be regarded with a deep sense of satisfaction by all lovers of justice in this country. The People’s Weekly World wishes Madame Justice Sotomayor the best of fortune in what we hope will be a long and fruitful tenure.

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