Steelworkers honor Danny Glover and Ed Schultz (with video)



Las Vegas -- On the final day of their International Convention 2011, the United Steel Workers (USW) introduced the union's new Paul Wellstone award. The first recipients are: actor and chair of TransAfrica, Danny Glover; and Ed Shultz, host of the Ed Shultz Show on MSNBC. The award will be given to "recognizes the dedication and accomplishments of public servants who exemplify the late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota for his commitment to public service and the well being of USW members and their families."

It is clear from the presentations and the responses that these awards are a way of recognizing leaders and activists in allied organizations who work closely with the USW and labor on a common progressive agenda.

USW International Vice-president Fred Redmond and President Leo Gerard presented the awards to Glover and Shultz respectively. Both recipients responded with remarks that hailed the direction and the content of the convention and helped fire up the delegates for the struggles ahead. (article continues after video below)

Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and his wife, daughter and three campaign aides were tragically killed in a plane crash prior to the election in 2002 . Wellstone was a close and steadfast ally of the labor movement and worked closely with the steelworkers union.

Photo: Scott Marshall/PW