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Sudan and Darfur: The problem is political

The problem of Darfur is a political one. It is part of Sudan’s overall political crisis. It will never be properly tackled except in the framework of a comprehensive political solution to the problems of the country.

U.S. residents less healthy than Canadians

A study by Harvard Medical School researchers in the July 2006 issue of the American Journal of Public Health finds that U.S. residents are less healthy than Canadians.

UN spotlights continuing scourge of AIDS

UNITED NATIONS — Twenty-five years after AIDS was first detected, in Los Angeles, and five years after the UN General Assembly adopted the “Declaration on Commitment on HIV/AIDS,” heads of state, ambassadors, representatives of nongovernmental organizations and people infected with HIV met here to review what progress has been made in the battle against a scourge that has killed millions.