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Venezuela: Recall petitions rejected / Britain: TUC condemns Iraq invasion / Russia: Guarantee N. Korea’s security / Uruguay: Health workers gain / Pakistan: Writers for peace

WTO meet fails: Developing nations demand fair farm policies

The World Trade Organization’s ministerial meeting in Cancun collapsed Sept. 14 after a newly-formed alliance of developing nations said the U.S., European Union (EU) and Japan had failed to make acceptable proposals on agriculture and other trade issues.

Panel on U.S. role in Chiles coup

DALLAS – On Sept. 11 the Dallas Peace Center presented a program titled “Terrorism, Theirs and Ours” at the Magnolia Theater.

Israeli cabinet threatens Arafat

The Israeli government’s recent decision in principle to “remove” Palestinian President Yasser Arafat from his position of authority by expulsion or possibly assassination has provoked a storm of protest in the occupied territories.

International notes

Korea: DPRK proposes solutions / Turkey: Peace struggle heats up / Nepal: Arrest peaceful protesters / China: Concern over Japan’s missile plans / Africa: AIDS patients take pills well

Recall attempt unfolds in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his country’s movement for independence and democracy are facing a new round of destabilization efforts. Venezuela, the world’s fifth largest oil-producing country, is facing a recall battle.

Vieques activists warn of speculators

In a “Special Report from the Peace and Justice Camp,” peace activists in Vieques, Puerto Rico, are warning that there are “speculators and foreign economic interests that seek control of our lands.”

International Notes

Chile: Pinochet trial blocked ; S. Africa: Injured gold miners sue ; China: Wal-Mart urged to unionize ; Indonesia: Safeguards urged for workers

50 years later, new plots against Iran

“Regime change” is not a new policy. Fifty years ago, on Aug. 19, 1953, the CIA with British assistance embarked on a similar policy with catastrophic consequences. Its damaging effects are still being felt in the Middle East today.

Chile remembers 1973 coup

Chileans are commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fascist coup and the murder of former President Salvador Allende on Sept. 11, 1973, in a variety of ways.

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