People’s World wins honors at 2022 Labor Media Awards

The International Labor Communications Association has announced the winners for the 2022 Labor Media Awards. People’s World was honored this year with seven awards. The articles below took home prizes in various categories.


Oakland joins West Coast cities mandating hazard pay for grocery workers

By Marilyn Bechtel

Saul Miller Award for Political Action




A love letter to the working class

By John Dick

Best Feature Story – National/International – 1st Place





Unbroken Legacy: Triangle Shirtwaist 1911  Amazon 2021

By Greg Kearney

Visual Communications – Best Cartoon – 1st Place





Time for another kind of climate change: Unions!

By Greg Kearney

Visual Communications – Best Cartoon – 2nd Place




How the Smithfield workers of Sioux Falls stood up and won

By John Wojcik

Best Analysis – National/International – 2nd Place




Facebook doesn’t care about you: Tech giant chooses profits over people

By Chauncey K. Robinson

Best Analysis – National/International – Honorable Mention 




Corporate monopoly, other factors hamper workers economically

By Mark Gruenberg

Best News Story – National/International – 3rd Place





Congratulations to all the People’s World staff, without whose collective efforts no awards would be possible and to all supporters of the paper, without whose support there would be no People’s World.

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