Do you want to Rock the Vote – with MTV? Then you need to MeetUp.

On Tuesday Feb. 3, in cities all across the nation, supporters of Rock the Vote and MTV’s “Choose or Lose” campaign joined to MeetUp.

A “MeetUp” is simply a get-together that uses MeetUp web technology to take care of all the details, such as RVSP’s and a venue. They happen in cafes and restaurants and bookstores. There is a little program and the rest is about hanging out. Every MeetUp needs a least five RSVP’s or it gets cancelled.

The first MeetUp Feb. 3, and all of the MeetUps for the rest of the year, will incorporate programs driven by both Rock the Vote and MTV’s “Choose or Lose” campaign.

Go to to find people in your area who care about empowering the new generation – and want to make a difference now. So you need to sign up today.

This new partnership between MTV and Rock the Vote will be a key part of our voter registration and turnout program – the campaign that will help get 20 million loud new generation voters out on Election Day 2004. At many of the MeetUps, we will have Rock the Vote street team leaders on hand, ready to answer your questions about how to make a difference with Rock the Vote and how to get your issues and concerns about the election on MTV.

Get together with other people who give a s—– and want to change the world. This is your election. Take it. Shake it. Make it.

– Rock the Vote