Video: The Windy City protests federal housing cuts

CHICAGO - On Friday close to  one  thousand Chicagoans turned out at the Illinois State Office Building hopping mad about planned federal budget cuts proposed for HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development). Their anger overflowed into civil disobedience as they blocked traffic at one of downtown's busiest intersections during rush hour. (see video below)

The demonstrators drew cheers and applause from people hurrying to get home after work. Even some of those stranded in their cars by the action got out and cheered the protest. Some took pictures and videos on their smart phones.

The Republican members of Congress are proposing to cut two-thirds of HUD's budget. Like many other of the cuts proposed by the extreme right-wing Republicans in Congress, these will have virtually no actual impact on the deficit. In fact when you factor in additional costs to Medicare and Social Security to pay for nursing homes and extra medical attention for the disabled, the cuts will probably increase the deficit.