Cheers for Anne Feeney, jeers to Chamber of Commerce

CHEERS for troubadour Anne Feeney, who has sung her lungs out to help America’s workers.

JEERS to news that she is seriously ill. (from Anne Feeney’s blog)

JEERS to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for approving a statement against equal pay for women. It seems that “obsession with income equality” gives us workers a “Scrooge-like fetish for money!” (from AFL-CIO blog)

CHEERS to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s great speech at NetRoots Nation. (from AFL-CIO blog)

JEERS to bigots who want to turn the 9/11 tragedy into an excuse for religious intolerance. (from NY Times)

CHEERS to the enduring benefits after 20 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (from PR NewsWire)

CHEERS to the celebrations all over everywhere during the 75th anniversary of Social Security (from Alliance for Retired Americans)

CHEERS to theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning that humanity faces extinction within 200 years if we don’t get off this planet. Or maybe we should change it? (from Christian Science Monitor)

CHEERS to the celebrations of the “I have a Dream” speech. Detroit plans a march! (from UAW)

CHEERS to Working America for organizing the unemployed to vote for jobs this year. (from AFL-CIO blog)