M. Colleen McDaniel

Dr. M. Colleen McDaniel (she/they) is an award-winning anti-violence advocate. Dr. McDaniel works as a full-time preventionist in Northern Virginia and is the Founder of Ever On Strategies & Consulting, LLC, where she provides consulting for prevention, evaluation and assessment, and institutional survivor response. In 2020, they founded the Survivors of Sexual Violence Fund through The Graduate Employee's Organizing Committee, AFT #60123, a mutual aid fund to relieve the financial burden on graduate workers at Wayne State University who have survived sexual or domestic violence. Dr. McDaniel has conducted and published academic research on young men’s sexual aggression perpetration, Social Norms Theory, and Cultural Betrayal Trauma Theory. Dr. McDaniel has also advocated for federal and local Title IX policy reform as a member of the Alliance for Survivor Choice in Reporting Policies.