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“The Mine Wars”: Turning coal into the diamond of solidarity

"Coal miners and coal companies in West Virginia clashed in a series of brutal conflicts over labor conditions and unionization."


American Grace

This poem/prayer was originally published in People's Weekly World in March 2006.


New film promotes public workers’ fight for rights

Alantris Muhammad and millions of other workers like her face a big problem: The U.S. Supreme Court.


“The End of American Labor Unions” examines roots of anti-unionism

"The End Of American Labor Unions" is a good little book, packed with insight and analysis. 


"Blood on Steel": Book remembers 1937 Steelworkers strike

On Memorial Day, 1937 thousands of steelworkers marched on Republic Steel in Chicago, demanding union recognition.


Today in history: John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” is published

Millions who have never read the book have seen the film version starring Henry Fonda and directed by John Ford.


"The Production of Difference" examines worker division via racism

Examining "race management" during slavery, Western expansion, and early 20th century industrial production.


Nursing home workers write their stories with “Loving Hands”

"With Our Loving Hands: 1199 NE Nursing Home Workers Tell their Story" is an unusual book for several reasons.


Hope is the root of activism

Activism like that takes courage and wisdom. It emerges out of deep places in the human spirit, the interior felt-life experience expressed by the arts and also by religion.


F.I.S.T.: A movie you might have missed

In 1978, Sylvester Stallone was cast to portray a labor leader with a story remarkably similar to that of the late James R. Hoffa.

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