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“Lenin's Last Struggle” recounts a losing campaign against the emerging Stalin

Lewin paints a picture of the frustrations facing Lenin in this final period and his increasing misgivings about Joseph Stalin. 


Reading the backstory on Bernie: “Outsider in the White House”

Can a seasoned Independent who calls himself a "democratic socialist" get elected to the White House in 2016?


This week in history: Jack London, writer, socialist, is born

Jack London, novelist and passionate advocate of labor unions, socialism, and the rights of workers, was born 140 years ago.


Page to screen: 10 books that should be TV shows

As some of us take a holiday break and delve into pop culture, here's something to make you think: the top 10 books that ought to be on TV.


The top 10 unique fantasy novels: A holiday reading list

The holidays provide an opportunity to sit by a fireplace and get lost in a long, epic work of fantasy.


"Word Warrior" a good book on democratic media

"Word Warrior" is a remarkable contribution to the historical narrative and to our understanding of the long civil rights revolution.


“A Year Without Sundays:” remaking Cuban society through literacy campaign

A modern day activist for social change often dreams of that day when all the hard work of struggle comes to fruition . . .


New book celebrates the centennial of jazz great Billy Strayhorn

"Strayhorn: An Illustrated Life" is a welcome addition for anyone interested in jazz, civil rights, or photography.


New book offers no optimism for a free Puerto Rico

Nelson A. Denis looks not at earlier colonial history, but rather measures taken to subdue Nationalists before and after their 1950 uprising.



Today in history: “War of the Worlds” on radio causes riots, maybe

Historical research suggests the panic was far less widespread than newspapers had indicated at the time.

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