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This week in history: Jack London, writer, socialist, is born

Jack London, novelist and passionate advocate of labor unions, socialism, and the rights of workers, was born 140 years ago.


David Bowie, 1947-2016: Departure of the Cosmic Chameleon

Bowie was an artist; a true original force that didn't stay still but progressed, shedding identities and modes of work and style to offer new canvases.


Here's why you should go see “Trumbo”

If you haven't seen "Trumbo", check your movie listings, run to the nearest theater, and check it out.


Dalton Trumbo, the “Spartacus” screenwriter who broke the blacklist

Dalton Trumbo, the jailed screenwriter who broke the Hollywood Blacklist, is making a comeback in a superb biopic.


New book offers no optimism for a free Puerto Rico

Nelson A. Denis looks not at earlier colonial history, but rather measures taken to subdue Nationalists before and after their 1950 uprising.



General Nat Turner, the Black Spartacus in a new play

It does not do Turner and his courageous followers justice, but it may be worth seeing for those who know little about one of the most electrifying moments in American history.


Skeletons as political art: A look at Day of the Dead artist Posada

Posada produced an enormous body of work, including not only his political cartoons but also commercial and advertising work.


Today in history: “War of the Worlds” on radio causes riots, maybe

Historical research suggests the panic was far less widespread than newspapers had indicated at the time.


Today in history: Vocalist/actress Melba Moore celebrates a milestone

Beatrice Melba Hill, best known by her stage name, Melba Moore, was born on this date in New York City in 1945.


Yevgeniy Fiks: Artist honors Pittsburgh’s labor history

A new art installation by Russian artist Yevgeniy Fiks has opened at Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Museum.

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